Lets get it straight. We know most of the democratic party, particularly black politicians have taken bags of money from many LGBTQ groups, campaigns ,candidates, and groups. NO problem with that. Often organized groups power together and advocate for their issues. Its as American as apple pie. So recently i got into a debate with an individual, who should understand, Most informed voters understand the slant the democratic party presents itself. Abortion friendly, Lgbtq friendly. Again no problem. But when is an opposite view, presented with facts something to turn our noses up at? Abortion has NOT been beneficial to black people period! That’s no debate! LGBTQ have not BENEFITED the black Community! That’s no debate! NO debate? Pro-creation alone, but i wont go down that rabbit hole. Have any of these group closed the wealth gap? Education gap? Better schools? Better Medical Care? How about infant birth syndrome? So don’t act like your posture, when talking with that slanted mouth, benefits African Americans! They don’t.